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Union Worker Injury Attorneys in Birmingham

Helping Injured Union Employees Seek Compensation

As a union worker, you are protected under the same laws as non-union employees when it comes to on-the-job injuries. Although your union representative and other supervisors may not have full and complete answers-- nor even understand the law themselves which often leads to inaccurate advice regarding your rights--  we are here to help clear up any misconceptions. At Spellen Law, our Birmingham workers' compensation lawyers are dedicated to representing union workers who have been hurt on the job and are seeking workers' compensation to help cover medical bills and expenses.

Warehouse Workers

Union Worker Birmingham

The Complexities

of Union Cases

No matter what industry your union is in, we can help you pursue justice if you have been injured at work.

We represent cases involving all types of union workers including:

  • Bricklayers

  • Construction workers

  • Engineers

  • Carpenters

  • Government employees

  • Electricians

  • Mechanics

  • Plumbers

  • Nurses

  • Police officers

  • Teachers

  • Prison guards

  • Postal workers

Although on-the-job injuries should be an open and shut case when it comes to receiving benefits, this is often not the case. Your employer will likely ask for a significant amount of documentation to support your claim. Regardless of the circumstances of your injury, we are here to help. This may include gathering safety records, proving that there were OSHA violations, and showing documentation of your injuries. From back injuries and head injuries to simple fractures, we are here to ensure your rights are protected.

Serving Union Workers

Throughout Jefferson County

Workers' compensation is supposed to cover your medical expenses and lost wages as well as disability benefits if you are unable to return to your job. After a workplace accident, we understand how much stress you are under and want to make the process of filing for benefits as easy as possible. We also represent individuals who have been fired or retaliated against after filing a compensation claim. While you recover from your incident, let Spellen Law handle the legal matters for you.

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