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Consumer Protection Services Birmingham

Birmingham Consumer Protection Lawyers

A Trustworthy Team to Uphold Your Rights as a Consumer.​

As a consumer in the United States, you have rights. There are federal and state laws in place for your protection against unjust business practices.  At Spellen Law, we understand that a violation of your rights can be harassing, intimidating and fear-inducing.


If you feel that your rights as a consumer have been violated, we are here to help you seek recovery for your losses and injuries.  Our skilled Birmingham consumer protection attorneys fight for consumers who have been wronged by the abusive tactics of businesses and debt collectors.

Protecting The Residents

of Birmingham AL

At Spellen Law, we believe in your interconnected rights to be free of harassment and of unfair/illegal  business  practices and tactics.

We are here to defend you against:

  • Debt collectors or collection agencies who threaten or harass you

  • Aggressive robocalls

  • Telemarketers who repeatedly call and/or leave pre-recorded messages

  • Businesses who falsely advertise products

  • Companies engaging in illegal business practices

Consumers have rights and should not be mistreated, bullied, or mislead.   Even if you have outstanding debt, the conduct of debt collectors must remain within the bounds of consumer protection laws.  

At Spellen Law, working on a case means understanding it completely-- and that involves our diligent attention to the details of the alleged transgression(s) and our thorough analysis of them through the lens of consumer protection laws.   We are confident that our experience will lead to sound legal strategies resulting in fair and just compensation and recoveries.  

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