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Construction Accident Law Firm in Birmingham

Compensation for Injured Construction Workers 

Working a construction job can be rewarding in a number of ways, but it can also pose many threats to your health and safety. At Spellen Law, we have worked with industrial and construction workers who have suffered all types of work-related injuries, from neck and back injuries to repetitive motion injuries. If you have been hurt on the job or as a result of work-related duties, our experienced Birmingham construction accident attorneys can help you file for workers' compensation to obtain financial compensation.

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Construction Accident Lawyer Birmingham

Dangers & Injuries

in Construction Jobs

Construction and other industrial jobs come with a high risk of injury. Even the most careful employees may find themselves hurt at work. However, injuries on the job should not consume your time, energy, or hard-earned money.

At Spellen Law, we help construction workers file claims for all types of injuries including:

  • Head injuries

  • Back injuries

  • Loss of hearing

  • Loss of eyesight

  • Electrocution

  • Electric burn

  • Spinal cord damage

In particular, construction workers' jobs require a significant amount of physical labor and exertion, and workers are often subject to dangerous tasks. In fact, construction workers are more likely to suffer work injuries than almost any other occupation or industry. Construction sites have the potential to cause many types of injuries since workers are required to stand for hours, stoop down constantly, and work with dangerous machinery.

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Being injured on a construction site or other industrial location may mean spending a couple of days or even several months away from work. Either way, you are entitled to certain benefits, which may include current and future lost wages and medical expenses including long-term care. Whether your employer is delaying your claim or there is some other problem preventing you from receiving compensation, the Birmingham workers' compensation lawyers at Spellen Law can help.

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