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We provide top-notch representation to clients in Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and surrounding cities. Our firm believes that great case results are achieved through diligence and hard work. Along with our extensive knowledge of the law, this approach has led to many case wins and favorable outcomes. To see what our seasoned and skilled attorneys are capable of, take a look at some of our past settlements.

Workplace Injury

$260,000 Verdict

A worker sustained a back injury, requiring surgery, when he slipped and fell off an embankment at work. Following the incident, the employee was physically unable to return to work, and the employer denied the extent of the injury. The court awarded a verdict that the employee was permanently and totally disabled, providing lifetime medical and monetary benefits to the employee.

Telephone Consumer Protection

Confidential Six-Figure Settlement

Client was repeatedly telephoned by a debt collector using an automated dialing service on a number not previously provided to the collector. The case was settled with a six-figure amount.

Workplace Injury

$120,000 Settlement

A trucker (worker) tore her rotator cuff while on the job. The case was settled for a $120,000. 

Motor Vehicle Collision

$250,000 Settlement

Client was involved in a collision where the at fault driver ran a red-light, causing the client to sustain severe injuries. The case was settled for $250,000.

Workplace Injury

$250,000 Settlement

A worker was severely injured when a large piece of metal fell on his back and legs. The case was settled for $250,000.

Head-On Motor Vehicle Collision

$100,000 Jury Verdict

The defendant ran a stop sign and caused our client to hit him head-on.

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