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Birmingham Auto Worker Injury Lawyers

Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorneys Serving Jefferson County

As an auto worker, you place yourself in dangerous situations on a regular basis to do the necessary functions of your job. Auto shop owners and employers may be aware of the various dangers inherent in their employees' work, but that does not mean they will be helpful or provide you with fair treatment after a workplace accident occurs.

At Spellen Law, we are compassionate towards the challenges that injured auto workers face. You are entitled to compensation, and you should not have to fight for it alone. Our Birmingham workers' compensation attorneys can help you navigate the complicated claims process.


Auto Shop Injury


Compassionate Legal Help

For Employees in Dangerous Environments

Mechanics and auto workers face certain dangers that are unique to auto shops on a regular basis. Employers must be diligent and aware of these hazards and stick closely to safety regulations.


A few common causes of auto shop injuries include

  • Chemical exposure and resulting illness

  • Tripping over loose wires or tools

  • Lifting heavy equipment

  • Falling parts

If your employer slacked on safety protocols or an accident occurred that left you injured, we can help you file for workers' compensation benefits. Injured workers are entitled to benefits regardless of the circumstances.

Why Spellen Law?

Unlike personal injury lawsuits, in workers' compensation claims you do not have to prove that your employer was liable for the accident. If you were hurt on the job in an auto shop or while working on a car, even if you do not have witnesses to prove your claim, you still have grounds for workers' compensation. The Birmingham workers' compensation lawyers at Spellen Law can help you regardless of whether your employer is cooperating or not. We are here to help you focus on recovering comfortably while we provide you with dedicated legal counsel.

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