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Birmingham Wrongful Death Lawyers

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The death of a loved one is devastating, no matter how your loved one passed away. There will always be a missing piece in your life, one that can never be filled – even with time. However, when your loved one dies as a result of an accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person, or for a reason that is senseless and should never have happened, it can be close to impossible to come to terms with your loss.

At Spellen Law, we understand that money will never replace your loved one and that it is the last thing you can manage to think about when you are grieving.  Unfortunately,  it is during this most fragile time when you may need legal assistance the most--  as expenses, lost wages, and life changes can be overwhelming.  It is almost unfathomable to be getting bills in the mail for hospital fees, surgical costs, and funeral expenses while dealing with such loss.


If your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, the responsible party or parties should be ultimately accountable.  Let us help you -- our compassionate Birmingham wrongful death attorneys will work tirelessly to represent your interests and help bring you the recovery you need--  including for lost companionship.

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Lawyers for Wrongful Death

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No two wrongful death cases are the same, but with our years of experience, you can trust Spellen Law to develop the right strategy to effectively fight for you and your family.

We can represent you in your wrongful death case if your loved one passed away as a result of:

Our contingency fee basis provides an added layer of financial protection in that if we do not achieve a favorable resolution, you do not pay legal fees.  Please feel free to --  contact Spellen Law today to speak with a compassionate and knowledgable attorney.

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