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Defective Products Lawyers in Birmingham

Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Negligence.

Purchasing and using products appropriately should never lead to  personal injury.  However,  defective products have been the cause of serious injury and death. Inadequate or absent warnings, as well as faulty designs, have also caused such injury.

Our Birmingham defective products attorneys will zealously argue your rights as a consumer not to be exposed to such dangers.  If you believe that a manufacturer and/or seller has failed to consider your safety by putting dangerous products on the market,  creating hazard and injury to you or your family, call Spellen Law.

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Defective Product Attorneys

Protecting You from Others’ Mistakes

Causes of defective products can include:

  • Improper warning labels

  • Poor storage conditions

  • Poor design

  • Expiration

  • Manufacturing defect(s)

Somewhere along the line, from product design to manufacturing to shipping through ultimate purchase by the consumer, a product is or became unfit for use-- without any fault of the consumer. At Spellen Law, we work to access the origin(s) of defectiveness and to advocate for your right to be made whole for your injuries caused by such defects. We conduct thorough research regarding your case and  fully review your damages such as  medical bills and pain and suffering.

Our Birmingham personal injury attorneys are ready to take your fight to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions or negligence so that you can receive the outcome you deserve. Contact us today!

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