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How Long Do Workers’ Compensation Appeals Take?

Workers' compensation claim appeals can be tricky. There isn't a firm time frame when a workers' comp appeal decision will be finalized by the court. However, there are some things that you can do that can speed up and make the process go smoother. Here's what you need to know to get your workers' compensation benefits sooner than later.

Steps to Take After Receiving Your Denial Letter

While getting a letter in the mail stating that your claim has been denied can be disappointing, thankfully, you have the right to appeal the decision. Here are some tips to help you get your workers’ compensation appeal started quickly:

  • Speak to an attorney immediately after receiving your denial letter

  • Keep all medical documentation in a convenient place for easy access

  • Review all paperwork for any errors and correct promptly

  • File your appeal paperwork within 30 days of your denial letter

Common Reasons Why Injured Workers Need to Appeal

The main reason why an injured worker would need to appeal a denied decision typically relates to mistakes made in the initial claim. Here are some common reasons why workers' compensation claims get denied:

  • Lack of information on the work accident report

  • Missed deadlines

  • Paperwork errors

  • Lack of medical evidence

The above common work comp mistakes can be avoided by having an experienced workers' compensation attorney on your side. Not understanding workers' compensation laws can put you at a serious disadvantage. For the best chance of receiving a favorable outcome, whether in your initial claim or an appeal, consult a workers' compensation attorney as soon as possible.

When To Contact a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Insurance companies are notorious for denying workers' compensation claims. Taking on the insurance company without the help of a skilled worker's compensation lawyer could put you at a disadvantage thus having you miss out on the benefits you deserve. You have your injury to deal with. Let your attorney handle the insurance companies.

If you've been injured at work and need assistance with a workers' compensation claim, contact Spellen Law, LLC today.

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