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4 Common Reasons Why Workers’ Compensation Claims Get Denied

Insurance companies are notorious for denying workers' compensation claims. Some of the main reasons why insurance companies deny claims are due to simple errors that can be avoided. Knowing how to file a workers' compensation claim correctly is critical to a favorable decision. Here are four common mistakes in a workers' compensation claim to steer clear of so you can be better prepared:

1. Missed Deadlines

When filing a workers compensation claim, it's critical to pay attention to deadlines. Failure to submit documents and medical information by strict deadlines can cause you to miss out on the workers' compensation benefits that you deserve. It's critical to submit the following reports on time:

  • Injury/accident report.

  • Workers’ compensation claim application.

  • Claim appeals: If your initial workers' compensation claim has been denied, the insurance company will provide you with an appeal deadline date in your denial letter.

2. Paperwork Errors

Workers' compensation claims involve a lot of paperwork, making it easy to leave room for errors. Missing information on paperwork could give the insurance company a reason to deny your claim. Be sure to include the following information as well as any other required information when filling out workers' compensation forms:

  • Date, time, and location of the work accident.

  • Names of all witnesses to your injury.

  • Parts of the body that were injured.

  • Supporting medical records and other documentation.

  • Other personal information (i.e., date of birth and social security number).

3. Missing Medical Evidence

The medical evidence of your work-related injury is the most crucial component to your workers' compensation claim. Without medical documentation and evidence, you have no case. It's vital to ensure that you receive proper treatment for your injury as well as follow all medical protocol related to your work accident injury.

4. Not Seeking the Help of A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Filing a workers' compensation claim on your own can be an exhausting task. Not only must you know workers compensation laws, but dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. Not knowing how insurance companies relentlessly fight to deny workers' compensation claims can be detrimental to your claim. Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney take care of the legalities of your claim can increase your chances of an approval.

If you've been injured at work and need assistance with a workers' compensation claim, contact Spellen Law, LLCtoday at (205) 820-9474 for a free case evaluation. Our experienced workers' compensation attorneys will fight for the benefits you deserve.

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