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Workplace injuries.  They can happen anywhere and in any industry.  If you have sustained an accident at your place of employment or worksite-- you are not alone.  The hazards and risks of the workplace are numerous.  


Unfortunately, however, without a competent attorney to provide much needed education, navigation, and representation, it is difficult, if not nearly impossible, for injured individuals to fully understand and avail themselves of the safeguards of worker's compensation law.  

Here at Spellen Law, we understand that all too often, due to the serious nature of the injuries, individuals can not immediately return to work-- and at the same time,  face exorbitant medical bills while dealing with  the additional challenge of  fighting for their benefits during a health crisis.   As a matter of reality, there are a countless number of challenges arising from being an injured worker.  

Here at Spellen Law we have skilled  and experienced workers' compensation attorneys ready to help you understand your rights and benefits under the the law.  We can lead you through the interplay of  insurance benefits, medical bills, and lost wages so you can focus on what matters most-- your recovery.   

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