How Do I Avoid Workplace Injuries as a Construction Worker?

How Do I Avoid Workplace Injuries as a Construction Worker?

Working on a construction site can be risky. Working in this industry involves manual labor, heavy moving equipment, and electrified wires. The industry is now safer than it was a decade ago. However, there is a need to raise awareness about the safety of workers and how to minimize injuries.

The Data

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks the sector as the highest in terms of occupational injuries. In 2015, there was a total of 10 deaths per 100,000 employees. However, changes in on-site safety have helped to reduce this number.

Protective Gear

A construction worker should have the latest protection gear. A few decades ago, protection gear involved a vest, helmet, and a pair of boots. The protection gear has changed in a bid to improve the safety of the workers. Other safety gear includes goggles, construction gloves, and masks.

Manufacturers now make secure helmets, sturdy clothes, and high-quality work boots. You should have the latest safety boots that have impact protection around the foot area. These boots have a steel plate that shields the foot from penetrations.

Manual handling of materials may result in injuries. You should use trolleys when moving objects, as manual handling may cause non-fatal injuries. You should liaise with your supervisor to have the materials delivered closer to where they are needed. You should always wear your protective gear when handling materials.

Tidy Up

You can avoid workplace harm by keeping your workplace clean. This helps to reduce injuries caused by slip and fall because most construction sites have hazards such as unused materials and uneven terrain. You should also remove any remaining materials and working tools out of walkways.

Don’t Strain Yourself

It is essential to take short breaks when working on a construction site. Overworking can cause burnouts, which can lead to workplace accidents. You should take short breaks to prevent fatigue and to remain alert. It is also advisable to concentrate on challenging tasks in the morning when your focus is higher.

Eat Right

You should maintain a healthy diet when working on a construction site. Ensure that you consume a lot of water to avoid dehydration and fatigue. It is also recommended that you reduce the uptake of high-fat food and replace it with light food such as sandwiches. This will help to keep you alert and prevent drowsiness.

Never Stop Learning

You should attend safety training regularly. Most construction companies conduct safety training regularly in order to equip workers with the knowledge to prevent injuries. You should visit these forums to improve your safety.

These safety tips require repetition and training. Your safety is dependent on your commitment to a safer working environment. You can contact our team at Spellen Law with any questions you may have.

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